Attention Farmers, Landowners, & Equine Management – Get Your Overgrown Land Restored to Pristine Condition!

When undergrowth takes over and the canopies of your trees are full of dangerous dead wood, call on Central Kentucky Tree Service to reclaim this land for productive uses.

  • Clear Brush
  • Trim Healthy Trees
  • Remove diseased, dead, or dying trees
  • Cleanup/Chipping
  • Haul Away


Learn About Land Reclamation


Central KY Tree Service has cleared land for agricultural areas, horse farms, and area residents with large back yards. Rather than harm the environment, we help by limiting overgrowth near urban areas and keeping native
wildlife out of harm’s way (automobiles, trash cans, etc.).

Overgrown property can be cleared and used for other purposes.

You can rely on a company that has been in business since 2003, maintains a steady crew using safe, modern equipment, and carries all appropriate licensing and insurance requirements.

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